Why choose “Michel Reybier Private Homes”?

In your “Michel Reybier Private Homes” villa or apartment, you are entirely at home and enjoy exclusive services worthy of a palace hotel. A concept that extends well beyond mere rental and which comes entirely naturally to Michel Reybier. The owner of two palace hotels, the latter wishes to offer the very best in a spirit of authenticity and simplicity, solely to ensure your pleasure.


During your stay in a “Michel Reybier Private Homes” villa or apartment, you benefit from the expertise of personnel that has worked in a Michel Reybier luxury hotel.

Under the supervision of your sole contact person, your butler, housekeeper, chef, sports coach, chauffeur and security agent are all committed to serving you so as to facilitate daily living and to meet your demands with ease and panache. Savor the pleasure of living every moment exactly as you have dreamed.


In Paris, Ramatuelle and Geneva, the chefs of our restaurants are passionate masters of their craft, each expressing a unique signature, based on experiences, travel, a cultural heritage and a vision of the world. They seek to revive forgotten sensations, to rediscover tastes, to delight the palate.

Their expertise and their curiosity have propelled them into the inner circle of great chefs and have earned our restaurants Michelin-star fame. With “Michel Reybier Private Homes”, you taste the refined cuisine of our chefs, who on this occasion become your very own.


During your “Michel Reybier Private Homes” stay, you benefit from the scientific and medical expertise of Nescens. Whether you wish to trim your figure, alleviate stress, slow down the effects of time or recapture your energy, a bespoke program is established.

For three, seven or more days, in the privacy of your villa or apartment, you benefit from the wise advice of medical specialists, training sessions with your sports coach, treatments by your therapist, as well as delicious well-balanced meals designed by our chef. These exclusive synergies developed by Spa Nescens ensure visible and lasting results.