A family home

The family home of Michel Reybier, La Chartreuse de Cos d’Estournel is a charmingly discreet and refined place that is made available solely in its entirety. During an unforgettable stay, you will gain a behind-the-scenes view of a property unlike any other, stemming from a subtle combination of influences enhanced by the interior design of Jacques Garcia.

Bespoke hospitality

In an attentive and efficient manner, the housekeeper watches carefully over every detail and welcomes you in way that will ensure your stay is unforgettable. A sunny terrace overlooking the garden, an indoor or outdoor pool, relaxation in the hammam or next to the fireplace, menus specially concocted by our Chef… Everything is done to offer you a timeless interlude. Special occasions in your life can be celebrated by working together to create personalized events.

Exceptional wines

Cos d’Estournel is an iconic chateau located in Bordeaux and is an 1885 Second Cru Classé. A stay at La Chartreuse is a unique opportunity to discover what goes on behind the scenes on the estate, as only a few privileged individuals have been able to do. In the vineyards, you’ll discover what makes the Cos d’Estournel exceptional, prior to taking part in the harvests or working with the vines themselves, depending on the season. Back at the chateau, under the legendary oriental pagodas, you’ll be privy to some of the secrets involved in making the wines, and tastings of wine in steel vats or maturing in wooden barrels. Of course, you’ll be able to taste several of the Cos d’Estournel’s emblematic vintages, exclusively chosen for your visit, that are sure to be unforgettable.

Secret itineraries

La Chartreuse de Cos d’Estournel is the ideal starting point from which to explore the region. As the fancy takes you, we can organize trips enabling you to discover the hidden treasures of the Médoc region or the many riches of Bordeaux, whether historical, cultural, gastronomical or architectural. A bit further along the Atlantic Coast, the Arcachon Basin also offers surprising places and encounters that no tourist guide would offer.

La Chartreuse de Cos d'Estournel

La Chartreuse de Cos d'Estournel

La Chartreuse de Cos d'Estournel

La Chartreuse de Cos d'Estournel

La Chartreuse de Cos d'Estournel

La Chartreuse de Cos d'Estournel

La Chartreuse de Cos d’Estournel

Bordeaux - France

The private residence of Michel Reybier, founder of La Réserve hotels, La Chartreuse de Cos d’Estournel is located in the heart of the vineyard estate of this legendary Bordeaux chateau. In the hushed and elegant setting of a family home, you will live in step with a grand estate while enjoying a bespoke schedule built around an original oenological experience.

6 Rooms
16 Persons
8 Bathrooms
1500 m2

Renseignements, tarifs & reservations

Nathaniel Most is your contact person for any information and/or bookings.

The particularities of the property

Indoor and outdoor pools

Terrace and private garden

Steam room

Sports studio


Detailed descriptions

Suites 1 and 2

Luxurious 72sqm and 87sqm suites with ensuite bathrooms.

6 bedrooms

Spacious 43sqm to 58sqm bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Services included

  • Maitresse de maison.
  • Private chef
  • Guided tour of the estate
  • Tasting of various vintages
  • Lunch in the dining room or on a terrace, savoring a meal concocted by the chef of La Chartreuse de Cos d’Estournel based on fresh market-bought produce
  • Gourmet dinner in accordance with your tastes featuring regional produce and appropriate wine and dish pairings
  • A tour of the vineyards, the chateau and the winery
  • Tasting of the complete Cos d’Estournel range
  • Breakfast prepared by the chef of La Chartreuse

Additional services

Book a stay at the Chartreuse de Cos d’Estournel and live a life of luxury for just a moment in time, while discovering some of the secrets involved in the production of these exceptional Second Cru classé wines in 1855.